These settings should not be changed by the ordinary user, but appear here for documentation purposes, and so that they can form part of the standard databases and be queried accordingly.

parm  Vincia:versionNumber   (default = 2.302)
Version and subversion number, with three significant decimals.

mode  Vincia:versionDate   (default = 20191128)
Last date of change of current (sub)version, in format yyyymmdd.


To check which VINCIA and PYTHIA versions are compatible with each other, see the section on Installation.


A breakdown of the number of lines of code, matrix elements, and documentation, that still survive in the present version of the code, from each previous version, is illustrated by the following plots. Note that code that has simply been reformatted or moved from one place to another still shows up as removed from the previous version and new in the next, so "New" should really be taken to mean "New or Modified". Also, all previous versions are compared directly to the current version, rather than sequentially to the next subervsion. This means, for instance, that only those lines from version 1.025 that survive in completely unmodified form all the way up to the present version show up as blue + green in the column labeled 1.025.

Note: the plots only go back to version 1.024 since that was the first to use the hepforge svn repository, from which the statistics are extracted.

Lines of VINCIA Source Code

Note: the drop in the number of source-code lines after version 1.103 is artificial. It is caused by the source code for the example programs and for the LiveDisplays tool having been split off to be counted separately, cf the examples and LiveDisplays code-line plots below. Thus, after version 1.103, this plot only reflects the Vincia source code proper, without counting examples and the LiveDisplays tool.

Lines of Matrix Elements

Note: starting from VINCIA version 1.102, the F77 HELAS library is included in the VINCIA distribution. The HELAS code is not included in the line-count shown here.

Lines of Documentation

Lines of Example Programs and Related Data Files

After version 1.103, the source code for the example programs and related data files (cmnd files and contents of the share/Vincia/data/ directory) were counted separately. In previous versions, the source code of the example programs were counted as part of the core VINCIA source code (see above).

Lines for the LiveDisplays tool

After version 1.103, the source code for the LiveDisplays tool were counted separately. In previous versions, this was counted as part of the core VINCIA source code (see above).