VINCIA Output Utilities

VINCIA inherits most of its output capabilities directly from PYTHIA. For instance, PYTHIA's methods for event listing and for output to LHEF, HepMC, or other formats, can be used exactly as for ordinary PYTHIA runs. The relevant methods are described in the PYTHIA documentation and in the PYTHIA 8 examples included with standalone PYTHIA. Here, we only describe a few additional utilities that are specific to VINCIA.

Verbose Level

mode  Vincia:verbose   (default = 1; minimum = 0; maximum = 9)
Level of detail of information written to standard output on what goes on inside VINCIA. Settings different from zero and one are intended for debugging purposes and hence should not be used for normal runs.

option 0 : No runtime output.

Note: options 1-3 only generate output when something goes wrong, i.e., a check fails, etc.

option 1 : Normal runtime output. Warnings and errors are printed, but no additional diagnostic output is given.
option 2 : Enhanced runtime output. As for =1, but limited additional diagnostic info is given. Some previously silent warnings are added. Also, internal VINCIA diagnostics histograms are booked and filled, especially for matching. These can be printed by the user at any time (e.g., after a run) using the VinciaPlugin::printHistos() method.
option 3 : Debug runtime output. As for =2, but as much diagnostic output as possible is given for each error or warning. Also, a consistency check is added to each branching by reclustering the resulting momenta back using the corresponding inverse kinematics map and checking that the original momenta are recovered within the desired numerical precision. Note: the kinematics check will slow down the speed of event generation.

Note: options above 4 will always generate output for each event, so will cause very large amounts of output if generating many events.

option 4 : As for =3. And: each prepare() and pTnext() call is explicitly announced, with system number and restart scale printed out, respectively. .
option 5 : As for =4. And: momentum listings are printed for each configuration that violates Paccept <= 1.
option 6 : As for =5. And: each main function call is explicitly announced with begin and end printed to output.
option 7 : As for =6. And: most function calls are explicitly announced with begin and end printed to output (still only partly implemented).
option 8 : As for =7. And: last semi-sensible level of output.
option 9 : As for =8. And: all possible output.

Text Output Utilities